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This WEB SITE will intentionally not be maintained from an aesthetical, technical or formal point of view. There will not even be any special or good-looking graphical effects. The beauty of the site will exist in the gorgeousness of its human and animal protagonists. The delight and enjoyment of the viewer observing this site will come from the happiness and pleasure- oriented lifestyle depicted in its contents.

This web site has not been prepared for the purpose of commercial transmission or exploitation. Rather, observations through web cameras and every technical operation of the site aim at optimizing communications between the "peripheral" system (the Dog and the Burgundians) and the "central nucleus" (the Scientists and entertainment organizers.) Public exploitation of artistic performances, observation of the elements of the Burgundians' everyday life and possibility of worldwide disclosure are all part of the psychological implications of the scientific exploration.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records (England, Germany, Italy 1998) and other media sources, GUNTHER, a German Shepherd, received as an inheritance the total fortune of a German Countess whose name was reported as Charlotte Liebenstein. Gunther IV is the first beneficiary of the GUNTHER REFORM TRUST settled by Charlotte, Ltd. in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

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